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ACS MAGFA - martial arts, games and fitness academy. Martial arts, be-spoke self defence tuition, boxercise, and classes for 3 year olds. tel: 01582 736997

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ACS Martial Arts

Kids ages 7-14 years. A jujitsu based syllabus encompassing a range of martial skills and legally defined self defence tuition.

ACS Martial Arts

Adults same jujitsu based curriculum, with added content from Geoff Thompson's Real Combat System.

ACS Minininjas

For chidren ages 4-6 years. Basic martial arts and safety tuition with the major emphasis on fun and games.

ACS Ninja Tykes

For children aged 3 years. Classes focus on physical and cognitive development, where learnig through play is essential

ACS Boxercise

Ladies fitness class using boxing skills coupled with exercises for an overall body workout. Suitable for all fitness levels.

ACS Self Defence

Legally defined tuition (not martial arts) based on current legislation governing the use of force and pre-emption


Knife and edged weapons awareness programme. This is a classrom based session including practical and legal elements.

ACS Dance Fitness

Just Jhoom Bollywood fitness, bespoke classes for those who want to show off their lotus and burn some calories