There is no growth in comfort

About Us (there is no growth in comfort)


It starts with Awareness - of you, your environment, without it you're at risk, in danger, alone. Okay, so taking risks is all about living, taking chances, pushing the boundaries and danger does provide that adrenalin jolt to kick start the senses but a blind jolt without paying heed to the seriousness of such risks is foolhardy .... Awareness prepares you for those risks and the adventure ahead.


Then comes Confidence - This confidence thing isn't easy to grasp it can't be bought, borrowed or taken but it can be grown, nurtured, fed. It can become a part of you, the individual you and as it grows so will you.

Fear may cause faltering steps, confuse judgement or even change you from the person you want to be into one you despise. Confidence grasps fear, uses it, gives you a level of understanding and understanding gives you the strength to push beyond those fears, lets you become that person you want to be.


And lastly, awareness and confidence culminates in Self-esteem. This is you at your supreme best. Swathed in a shield so sure, so strong that all things derogatory and demeaning thrown at you will just bounce off and fall to the floor waiting to be crushed underfoot. ACS martial arts and self defence won't stop a speeding bullet but the sentiments behind the brand will protect you from the wild shots of malice perpetrated on you by those intend on belittling your hopes and dreams ….

Awareness Confidence Self Esteem … that's you that is


It’s not about how fast you can earn your belt  or how good you are with your hands and feet it's not even about how often you train it’s about how you apply yourself in training in our martial arts classes, fitness sessions or just plain one-to-one self defence. It's about learning, understanding, experiencing and stepping out of your comfort zone. In fact, belt grades are so low on our list of priorities that we seldom talk about them - why?

Well, train with us and you’ll learn the answer. Come and learn why martial arts isn’t always self-defence and how life skills based on awareness, confidence and self-esteem make you less of a target for unprovoked violence.

And most importantly, learn why being able to walk away is just as important as knowing how to punch, kick, throw or wrestle someone.

ACS Martial Arts and ACS MAGFA  are different, we think different and we play different, how different? Well how does go-karting, archery and circus skills grab your attention?


Come and join us and find out why ....