ACS Go Fencing

Go Fence

Fencing is great fun and, unlike many combat focused sports, it doesn't require strength and power, so girls and boys of all ages can fence each other safely and with minimal risk of injury.

Go Fence is a great introduction to fencing. An initiative created by British Fencing, Go/Fence replaces traditional metal weapons, helmets and safety jackets with plastic or foam equivelants, making it cheaper and safer for children to learn the basic skills before stepping up to the full-sized metal weapons.

It is also easier to teach, making it ideal for schools and holiday/activity camps which is why ACS Go Fencing is featured in ACS Magfa's Half Term Mayhem programmes.

Go/fence teaches:

All the skills you find in the metal fencing forms. Once these basics have been learned then then pupils should be encouraged to join one of the many fencing clubs available up and down the country.

There, they'll have their basic skills enhanced and honed by a fully qualified coach and as they learn and improve they'll experience the cut and thrust strategies employed for competition fencing - always adrenalin coursing fun!

Fencing with foam and plastic equipment has been used by ACS during their Smart Clubz games club sessions with great effect

And remember, fencing is an Olympic sport - so from these small beginnings who knows what will grow … enjoy!