Athlefit - fun exercise using ahtletic skills


“bringing athletics to the people in a fun, vibrant and inclusive format and to the places where the people want to take part and feel comfortable doing so.”

AthleFIT is a fitness initiative created by England Athletics. It utilises skills found in various athletic disciplines like, running, jumping and throwing but in a freindly, fun filled easy to apply and easy to participate way, without the pressure to compete or win - although competition based sessions are easy to organise for those individuals with a competitive nature.

AthleFIT should be accessible and challenging for all individuals whatever their level of experience, physical abilities, their expectation or aspirations.

AthleFIT is for:

AthleFIT: “takes athletics to the people” providing accessible fitness sessions based upon athletics and hopefully, it may create enough interest and enthusiasm for individuals to step up a gear and join their local athletics club ... next stop the Olympics anyone?

AthleFIT skills and games will form part of ACS' Half Term and Games club initiatives as well as providing stand alone sessions in schools and at our own ACS MAGFA.

If you're interested know more about our Athlefit sessions then use our contacts page and let us know!