Boxercise - punch yourself to fitness


​The cardio-vascular and general fitness benefits of boxing need no justification. Boxercise routines and drills provide a great workout. Couple this with intense but manageable excercise routines found in Boxfit and you have a great overall fitness experience.

Gym memberships are okay, but sometimes you need to have your thinking processes challenged. Boxercise is equal to this challenge, providing you with all the basic skills found in the ancient art of boxing in a safe fun-filled environment.

You don't get punched in Boxercise, pads do, you don't get kicked in Boxercise, kick-shields do. Boxercise is great for:

We run classes in many venues across Beds and Herts and we can also offer ladies only sessions run by a female coach for groups that may prohibit a male presence .

And don't worry if you're not used to excercise then we won't push you too hard, you go at your pace then as your fitness levels increase you can push yourself even harder.