KEWAP knife and edged weapons awareness programme


knife and edged weapons awareness programme

There's nothing cool about carrying a knife, it's stupid, it's dumb and it's dangerous! KEWAP highlights the life changing risks knife carriers are exposing themselves to and the important implications to others of carrying bladed weapons. Of course, not every edged weapon is a knife, ordinary and everyday household items have been used in edged weapon attacks such as: pens, keys, screw drivers, bottles, to name just a few.

KEWAP teaches you that the safest option to take when faced with an edged weapon assault is 'distance' to escape, but when this fails, KEWAP will also teach (to over 18's) some very basic knife defence techniques.

These techniques have been designed for those individuals who have little or no martial arts or self-defence training. Importantly, KEWAP techniques do not require strength, time-served training or any real knowledge of urban defence in order to make them effective.

Knowledge empowers the individual and that's exactly what KEWAP is designed to do. A typical over 18s KEWAP knife and edged weapons awareness programme session will include the following:

KEWAP, Knife and Edged Weapons Awareness Programme is a classroom based session ideally suited for youth organisations, universities, colleges, schools (under 18 specific) employers, public service workers. Sessions for undr 16s will not include disarm and escape techniques unless express permission is given by the parents or guardians of those in attendance.

KEWAP was created by by Steve Timperley click here to see his website and learn more about KEWAP and other initiatives