Mini Ninja martial arts classes for 4-6 year olds

Mini Ninjas

These classes are for 4-6 year olds and are only 60 minutes duration. They differ from our standard martial arts jujitsu classes as the focus is on fun, rather than syllabus techniques.

However, students at these classes will be required to demonstrate their ability to perform certain simple exercises and routines at 'mini gradings' which will prepare them for advancement to our older classes on their seventh birthday.

ACS MARTIAL ARTS are about building confidence and self esteem. We encourage this through team games, assertiveness exercises and praise for all achievements, however small.

Please bear in mind that these are not full blown martial arts classes. Students at these classes will be given basic practical safety advice, something that other schools often label as 'stranger danger'.

We don't, use the term 'stranger danger' - why?

Because statistics show that most child violence and abuse is conducted by individuals known to that child. Plus, if a child runs away from any potential danger or a threat they are often advised to seek out an 'adult for help'; this adult is very likely going to be a stranger - very confusing advice for a child!

We'll explain what self defence is and, even though some children will struggle with the concept, we'll continually repeat the message - it's the same principle we use at classes for the older kids and just like those classes we'll teach these kids how not to fight but how to protect themselves.

Please check our timtables link for current class details.