Ninja Birthday fun

Ninja Birthday Parties

So the happy meal, burger fest not doing it for your kids anymore?

The thought of letting a wild, screaming, jumping, falling, drin and food spilling kids loose in your house for a birthday party has sent those treasured family heirlooms and wedgewood china scurrying for cover?

Or perhaps the thought of all those screaming kids has lost it's appeal as they've grown?

We know what you mean, honestly we do, but we can help. Here at ACS MAGFA we have the perfect venue to host your kid's birthday party and what's more, we can give it a Ninja theme which all kids love.

So what is a Ninja party?

A very good question, but as the way of the Ninja is steeped in mystery and murky legend I couldn't possibly tell you, not without first making you swear an oath that you will not reveal the secrets of the Ninja.

Okay just kidding ...

Well we can tell you what they don't include:

ACS MAGFA Ninja Parties don't include bendy balloon folding animal skills, we could arrange that, but pointy (don't worry not too sharp) Ninja throwing stars aren't balloon animal friendly - if you get what we mean. Nor do they include sesame seeded, bun encrusted boredom. The essence of a Ninja Party is fun, fun, fun and lots of mayhem!

Yes mayhem, that thing that instills dread and despair in most adults and sends them scurrying for cover. Well that's what we're here for - so you don't have to hide or run or even move house!

Here's a review of a party held in June 2016 at ACS MAGFA Taylor St:

"When our son asked if he could have a ninja themed party for his 7th birthday, we didn't even begin to think it was possible! Huge thanks to Kiran and David who made sure that our son and his 20 friends had, in the birthday boy's words, an 'epic' time. The games were fun, loud and energetic, perfect for a bunch of exuberant 7 year olds. Kiran was amazing, she set up the food and took care of every last detail so that, as the birthday child's mum, I could watch and take photos of the party. Kiran and David couldn't have been more helpful. There were some lovely touches from the ninja suit for the birthday child, welcome sign outside to the sweet-filled piñata. Highly recommended. Thank you!" .... Sharon Taber