Geoff Thompson's Real Combat System


Real Combat System

Black Belt Magazine USA poll regarding Geoff Thompson, creator of the Real Combat System: "the most influential martial artist in the world since Bruce Lee"

Praise indeed! Coupled with Chuck Norris' invitations for Geoff to come over and teach his students (another Bruce Lee connection, remember the Colleseum battle in 'Way of the Dragon') and it's no surprise why Geoff is in such high demand for martial arts seminars and motivational speaking all over the world.

So what is the Real Combat System? That's kind of hard to answer, probaby easier to tell you what it isn't! For starters it isn't a huge catalogue of never ending and complicated defensive or fighting techniques neither is it a system honed for battering useage in the Octagon nor is it a system routed in the dark vagaries of feudal Japan ... but then again it does contain elements of all these.


Well consider every fighting technique you've ever seen or heard about and hone it down so that all remains is the bare essence of combat survival and physical intervention. punching, kicking, throwing, wrestling - arts taught the world over comprise some of or even all these physical tools.

The missing element, the Geoff Thompson indegrediant is strategy and experience, all fine tuned over many years as an accomplished Karateka, thousands of hard grafting nights on the club doors of Coventry, countless hours of training with top martial artists from their respective displines and his thirst for motivational improvement all blended together to provide a unique and thought provoking mix.

The key to RCS is not self defence but defence of the self. Enriching and educating the individual in all aspects of self improvement, care and an understanding for others and the need to grow mentally as well as physically - no wonder then that a confident and self assured individual is less prone to acts of violence.

These are principles seldom found in martial arts and self defence systems. It's only when one realises the importantance of protecting the self that the engagement in physical techniques truly makes sence.

Having trained with Geoff, David Brown, ACS MAGFA's chief coach , incorporates elements from this unique system in both self-defence and martial arts classes:

“David Brown is a wonderful teacher with a great wealth of experience and expertise. He is one of those rare teachers that walk their talk. I highly recommend him to anyone interested in changing their lives through martial arts.”
Geoff Thompson